1422 Lesser kestrels were ringed during the ten-year work of Green Balkans for the return of the species to Bulgaria!

Jul 07, 2023
Earlier this week we ringed the last Lesser kestrels hatched in 2023!

This happened in the outpatient clinic of the Wildlife Rescue Center of Green Balkans, part of a specially built demonstration module for the project "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017.

The last tagged bird received ring number 1422!

Why do we mention it? Well, because this is the number of all Lesser kestrels marked so far since the beginning of the work of Green Balkans to restore the species in Bulgaria. Ringing is done using two rings - closed metal and coloured, the scheme which we, from Green Balkans, introduced in our country!

During our ten years of work, birds hatched in Spain, in the Rescue Center of Green Balkans, in the three wild colonies of the species in Bulgaria, formed after the beginning of our work on the return of the species, as well as those donated to us by several European zoos, were marked.

The beginning of the marking and release of Lesser kestrels started in 2013 with the reception of the first young birds sent by our Spanish partners from DEMA.

For all these 1422 marked birds, we from Green Balkans and our partners from various foreign organizations have taken special care - marking and tracking, feeding, deworming, monitoring, preparing artificial nests for their future families, cleaning breeding cages, organizing transport to the places of release and many other manipulations.

And, all of them, are the founders of the return of the species in our country. The first marked and released created the colony in Levka, and the rest still maintain a relatively small, stable population of the species in our country.