A documentary series funded by the National Geographic Society presents the European Green Belt Initiative and the work of the Green Balkans

Feb. 21, 2024
We often say: "The nature of Bulgaria is unique!" So often, that we even take it for granted and don't think about it! But just as often, we receive confirmation of the beauty of our country on various occasions. This time we are convinced of this by the documentary series "Rewilding the Iron Curtain" , dedicated to the European Green Belt initiative.

In her series, the young director Alice Whitehouse talks about the conservation of habitats and rare species along the entire length of the former "Iron Curtain" - from the Baltic coast and Scandinavia to the shores of the Adriatic and Black Sea. The focus is on pristine territories, which are the basis of the concept of the Green Belt and their transboundary protection. Alice worked with camerawoman Ana Acomanoai on this episode of the series.

An episode is dedicated to Bulgaria and the work of Green Balkans for the restoration of the Lesser kestrel in Sakar, as part of the "Life for the Lesser kestrel" project LIFE19 NAT/BG /001017, implemented under the LIFE Program of EU.

Also, in this emblematic region of the Green Belt, Green Balkans in partnership with the Turkish organization "Back to Nature" are working for the conservation of the Imperial eagle in the cross-border region of Sakar and Strandzha, on the territory of both neighboring countries. The partnership is part of a large-scale international project - BESTbelt, coordinated by the German EuroNatur Foundation with the financial support of the European Union, which unites various nature conservation projects in a number of countries within the scope of the European Green Belt.

Alice Whitehouse is a filmmaker and photographer with an interest in stories about wildlife conservation and human history, with a particular focus on how man-made borders impact wildlife movement and threaten vulnerable species. She received grants from National Geographic Society in 2021 to fund a web series entitled "Rewilding the Iron Curtain". This project focuses on the European Green Belt - an ecological corridor following the original route of the Iron Curtain. In a period of renewed political tension and uncertainty, this five-part series introduces some of the conservationists and educators working tirelessly to protect vulnerable species and habitats along the green belt, and the challenges they face along the way.
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