A film evening dedicated to wildlife was held in Stara Zagora

Feb. 24, 2023
In mid-February, the Green Balkans Rescue Center's team organized a film evening dedicated to wildlife and man, as a part of it.

The event, with the title "Wild World of Nature - Near and Far" took place in partnership with the "Zakhary Knyazheski" Regional Library, Stara Zagora and with the assistance of the Proto-Bulgarian Survival School BagaTur and Bear Stories.

In front of a full house in the library, we screened various films provided by the three organizations. Within an hour, viewers had the opportunity to get acquainted with the tapes "The Sacred Deer", "Sons of the Bear" and "The Eagle's Claw" provided by our friends from BagaTur, the story of the bear Spyridon in the movie "To be a bear is great" , of Bear Stories, as well as the films of Green Balkans related to the activities of the project "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 and the return of the Lesser kestrel to Bulgaria of the Society "Sakar Nature Park", our work on the restoration of the Saker falcon in our country, our Imperial eagle conservation activities and the Living Exhibition initiative, part of our work under the European Green Belt programme.

Again, we thank everyone who joined our initiative and those who honored the event and those who donated funds for the purchase of specialized historical and environmental literature to fill the library fund!

We believe that, being interesting, it was also quite useful for everyone!