Academy “Nature” back in action

Nov. 13, 2023
Over the past weekend, the team from project “Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 held one of the regular campaigns of the "Nature Academy" initiative. 
Within the campaign, the future veterinarians, students of veterinary medicine from Trakia University, took part in the campaign of the prevention of farm animals in the region of the first restored colony of Lesser Kestrels – the Sakar village of Levka.
The young, future specialist, had the opportunity to not only participate in the manipulations, such as general condition and hooves examination, treatment, but also to familiarize themselves with the requirements of the individual species for cultivation and their food preferences.
Some of the animals examined were also the heroes of the Green Balkans donation campaign “Donkey tales” – the donkeys Misha and Jori. The young people not only got to know the animals, but they also learned more about their role in the survival of the Lesser Kestrel. 
“The diverse, nutritious and vitamin food is equally important for the condition of the animals, as well as good growing conditions and proper prevention” said in front of the students Rusko Petrov doctoral student of the section – “Genetics, breeding and private animal husbandry” to the Department of General Animal Husbandry of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Trakia University.