Activities for the conservation of the Lesser Kestrel were presented by Green Balkans during the 4th Adriatic Flyaway Conference

Mai 03, 2022
The conference aims to reduce threats to migratory birds in the Mediterranean and was held from 25th-29th of April 2022 in the Croatian city of Zadar.
More than 70 nature conservationists from all over Europe and Africa took part in the event dedicated to the protection of birds on one of the largest migration routes in Europe, as well as the implementation of conservation activities in different countries.
The international initiative is organized by the Croatian Society for Bird and Nature Protection in partnership with the EuroNatur Foundation in Germany. The "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team implemented by the Green Balkans with the support of the LIFE Program of the European Union, presented its work on securing electricity transmission poles, as well as their use as roosting sites and premigration gathering places by the Lesser Kestrels in Bulgaria.
Along with sharing their experience with international counterparts, Green Balkans representatives exchanged ideas for possible partnerships for the conservation of the protected species and their habitats.