Balkan expert meeting on the Lesser kestrel brought together over 30 representatives from almost all Balkan countries and guests from France, Spain and Italy

Sep. 23, 2022
A few days ago, a three-day Balkan working meeting for the Lesser kestrel, organized by the Green Balkans team under the "Life for Lesser kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project, financed by the LIFE program of the European Union, ended.

The event was attended by experts and representatives of non-governmental organizations, scientific structures, and state administrations that work for the protection, research and restoration of rare falcons in different countries.

Within the framework of the meeting, a series of presentations on conservation activities for the Lesser kestrel were made by the representatives from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, and Serbia, as well as by the guests, leading experts in the field, from Italy, Spain and France.

At the poster session organized within the meeting, in addition to the aforementioned participants, colleagues from Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina also spoke about their work.

A significant part of the expert workshop was dedicated to fieldwork and conservation activities for the Lesser kestrel in artificial conditions carried out by Green Balkans in Bulgaria. That is why the group visited the Center for Nature Conservation Activities in the Sakar village of Levka and the Rescue Center for Wild Animals in Stara Zagora, both built and maintained by the Green Balkans. The successful results achieved by the hosts of the event, in the process of restoring and protecting this species of bird in Bulgaria, received high recognition and well-deserved interest from all participants.

The meeting also had a significant art flavour with the presence of three exhibitions dedicated to biodiversity, the Green Belt, and Sakar Mountain as part of NATURA 2000. At the beginning of the international event, the exhibition "The Great Return", inspired by the rare and protected species that are the subject of restoration programs in Bulgarian nature, was personally opened by the mayor of Svilengrad eng. Anastas Karchev in the lobby of the municipal administration. In addition, works of art from a special Art Plein Air painting held a little earlier in September in the Svilengrad area were also presented. Both exhibitions include the works of artists from the Society of Animalists, Florists and Scientific Illustrators - DAFNI, with whom Green Balkans partners to promote the rich biological diversity in our country.

And, the presence of the "Living Exhibition", representing life-size models of protected species that can be seen within the Bulgarian section of the Balkan Green Belt, added additional flavour to the event.

We thank all the participants, as well as our partners from the municipality of Svilengrad and the Historical Museum of Svilengrad for their support and presence.