Bulgaria celebrates World GIS Day with an online conference on 17th of November

Nov. 17, 2021
How GIS can help achieve the Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals – find the answer during the greatest GIS event in the country.

On 17th of November on the occasion of the GIS Day will be held online conference, on which leading international and Bulgarian experts will  present the latest developments, solutions and good practices in the sphere of the Geospatial  Technologies and their application in various fields.

The main focus of the forum’s program  will be the use of GIS for sustainable development and in particular to support  the implementation of the Green Deal. In this session will take a special participation Chris Steenmans  as a Head of the Data and Information Services Department  of the European Environment Agency to show the agency’s vision of  the role and meaning of the geospatial data and technology for the Green Deal. The leading international expert will introduce Europe’s progress towards  a green  transition and how GIS can help move towards a sustainable Europe.

Among the international speakers who will take part in the World GIS Day in Bulgaria is Stephen Keppel, co-founder of the UN Sustainable Development Data Alliance and President of the PVBLIC Foundation, who will demonstrate the application of GIS to create hubs, better cooperation and coordination towards achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals.

A special panel of the forum will include good practices in the use of GIS technologies and implemented systems from leading Bulgarian organizations, among them the Ministry of Environment and Water, Sofiaplan, Overgas and others. Traditionally , the online forum will feature live demonstrations  of the latest capabilities of GIS technologies for cadaster, environment, utilities, health, security and public order, agriculture, local government, territorial development, transport, e-commerce management and others.

As a part of GIS Day celebration  in Bulgaria , Esri Bulgaria – the official host and event’s organizer for the country, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science held the first National Educational Competition for stories with digital maps entitiled “Digital stories from school and university”.

“More than 20 years, we at Esri Bulgaria, together  with our partners have been developing and validating the World GIS Day in Bulgaria, providing a tribune for the exchange of experience, good practices and ideas on how the achievements of GIS technologies can be applied  efficiently in different areas”, said Evgenia Karadjova, General Manager of Esri Bulgaria. “Today the challenges for us are larger than ever – from the climate, through healthcare to energy and economy. Facing these challenges, on 17th of November together with more than 70 countries we will mark the World GIS Day, showing how Geospatial Technologies help us fight for a better and more sustainable world for us, people, and the world. Today, time demands that we work together in the field of GIS, in support of society and for a better future. “
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Esri  Bulgaria will mark  the World GIS Day in partnership with Green Balkans.

Source: Esri Bulgaria
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