Coordination Meeting of the Green Balkans and the European Consortium for Research Infrastructure LifeWatch ERIC

Apr. 18, 2022
Last week, a Green Balkans team held a joint coordination meeting with representatives of the management of the Agricultural University - Plovdiv, which is the coordinator and national representative for Bulgaria in the European Consortium for Research Infrastructure LifeWatch ERIC (LWE).

LifeWatch ERIC is a European consortium for research infrastructure that provides e-research facilities to scientists who study biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services to support society in tackling key global challenges.

On the Bulgarian side, a Consortium for Research Infrastructure LifeWatch-Bulgaria was established, which will allow all stakeholders whose activities are in the field of biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and agroecology to share, exchange information and/or environmental infrastructure, deal with social challenges, participate in joint projects, and address important fundamental issues in these areas.

In this regard, Green Balkans presented the opportunities for cooperation and research approaches used by the NGO in the framework of the "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project, funded by the LIFE program of the European Union. Potential topics for co-operation include sharing video surveillance of the Lesser Kestrel colony set up by the Green Balkans in the Sakar Protected Area in NATURA 2000, as well as marking and tracking rare birds via satellite transmitters. The possibilities for additional training of students, which the project of the non-governmental organization provides within the framework of the "Nature Academy" initiative, were also discussed.