Experts and volunteers from Green Balkans conducted a medical check on birds of prey in the Sofia Zoo!

Mar 01, 2024
A few days ago, a team of veterinarian specialists from the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre – Green Balkans, led by Dr. Rusko Petrov, conducted a medical check on birds of prey in the Sofia Zoo.
The medical check was also a part of the training of future veterinarians from the Trakia University – Stara Zagora and the University of Forestry – Sofia, the Simulation Center at the Trakia University also took part in organizing the event.
Under the expert hands of Green Balkans veterinarians and their helpers went through the Cinereous vulture, the Griffon vulture and the Egyptian vulture inhabiting the zoo. After them followed the Lesser Kestrels, donation from Green Balkans, in the framework of our activities for the return and subsequent support of the species in Bulgaria and project “Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017, funded by Programme LIFE of the EU. Then it was turn for the birds of prey and nocturnal birds of prey – Owls, Hawks, Eagle-Owls, Falcons….
To the delight of the zoo management and Vlado Petrov personally, head of bird sector, all birds examined by our team were in satisfactory conditions. So, apart from the mandatory weighing, deworming and external view, only a slight correction of the beaks and the claws on some of the birds were necessary.
The medical check in the Sofia Zoo with the help of Green Balkans have turned in a tradition. They have been part of our partnership for several years now, along with activities to support the species in the wild and our joint educational initiatives.