For the Green Balkans team, spring has come… .before spring the spring itself!

Feb. 12, 2021
How does this work? Well, very simple - on the wings of a tiny bird - the Lesser Kestrel DS!
But, let's explain in more detail!

Lesser Kestrel is a species that migrates and in winter they inhabit warm countries. That is why they, like storks, are harbingers of spring. Every year we, from Green Balkans, celebrate the onset of spring by the first Lesser Kestrel that comes to the Centre for Environmental Activities of the Sakar village Levka.

And, this year we have some interesting, new, moments:
  • The first bird is a female! Until the moment, the championship was held by a male, but in birds as well as in humans there are elements of emancipation!
  • This year the first Lesser Kestrel appeared about 10 days earlier! In previous years we have registered the first Lesser Kestrel around February 20-25th!
  • This is the earliest registered bird returning from migration since the beginning of our work on returning the species to our country, more than 7 years ago!
For those who are worried that the forecasts are for bad weather, we will reassure you that every year the first Lesser Kestrels are caught by cold and sometimes snow in our lands, but like every year the team of the 'LIFE for Lesser Kestrel LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017' project is prepared for this with freezers full of food, which is gladly given to the birds that have arrived from a long journey.

But let's see which is DS?

It is a bird hatched in Bulgaria's first colony of the species for decades, in the village of Levka in the distant, already, 2017. The same year was marked by our team with a ring. The bird was registered in the colony last year as well, and it had its offspring!

So, yesterday spring came!