Good news for the Lesser Kestrels' breeding season at the Green Balkans Rescue Centre

Jun 08, 2021
The situation in the families of the Lesser Kestrels at the Green Balkans Rescue Centre is dynamic. This was shown by the information we received from the person in charge of breeding activities of the 'Life for Lesser Kestrel' LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project at the Center - Yordanka Vasileva.

Yesterday she shared with our team: 'Currently, there are 21 hatchlings in the nesting boxes, 4 of which are abandoned by their parents from the colony in Levka. The other 17 are from the breeding pairs at the Rescue Centre. Another 20 (22) are expected, hopefully! ”

The news about the wild couples, from the brand new colony of the species near the Rescue Centre, is also joyful: 2 more couples are mumbling', shared Yordanka and continued. 'Also, an unregistered male appeared this year. There was a female, but I couldn't read the ring.'

We believe that you have seen for yourself how many interesting and curious stories happen to us. And we are always happy if we can share with you this good news of ours!