Green Balkans presents two exhibitions at the PlanetUm Burgas Science Centre

Oct. 01, 2021
During the Green Weekend in Burgas on October 1-3 and until the end of the month Green Balkans presents two exhibitions on the territory of PlanetUm.

A modern science centre for young and old explorers, thirsty for knowledge, in which through an encounter with science, in a fun and exciting way, children and parents build new knowledge and skills.
The first exhibition includes two models of a common dolphin, showing both the beauty of these graceful mammals and the global problem of pollution and ingestion of marine litter.

The installation on the problem of pollution of the Black Sea with waste is part of the project BioLearn BSB142 "Environmental awareness and behaviour to stop pollution in significant wetlands of the Black Sea basin", funded by the Joint Operational Program for Transboundary Cooperation Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 and performed by NGO Green Balkans - Stara Zagora.

"The Living Exhibition" is dedicated to the European Green Belt International Initiative, which promotes efforts to protect the rare birds inhabiting the cross-border areas of the three neighbouring Balkan countries - Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. Visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with life-size models and colouring of rare and protected bird species such as the Imperial Eagle, the Black Vulture, the Red-breasted Goose and the Common Tern. An information board tells curious features about rare birds and their habitats.

A central place in the exhibition is given to the Lesser Kestrel, a rare species that until recently was considered extinct as a nesting bird in Bulgaria. In the framework of the EU LIFE Project - ''Life for Lesser Kestrel'' LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017, NGO Green Balkans takes special care to protect this rare species of falcon, which we managed to return to nature after decades of absence.