Guest in the colony of Llesser Kkestrels in the Sakar village of Levka!

Jul 17, 2023
These days, we had a guest in the colony of Lesser Kestrels in the Sakar village of Levka!
It was a young Common Kestrel. They are slightly larger than the Lesser Kestrels and considerably stronger and more hostile than them.

Therefore, the presence of a breeding pair of Common Kestrels near the colony of Lesser Kestrels is not only desired, but also sought after by the project team of "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017!

For years we from Green Balkans, the leading organisation in the project funded by the Programme LIFE of European Union, are purposefully releasing young Common Kestrels from the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre with the hope that they will form pairs in the area of the colony.


The answer is very simple – the Lesser Kestrels are relatively small birds. Very fine and delicate. They often fall victim to larger birds of prey. Although the colony actively defends itself, still, often the predator takes the upper hand.

Nesting Common Kestrels in the Lesser Kestrel colony will ease its „defense", because with a nest around, the pair will also guard the territory!

Otherwise, the area of the Lesser Kestrel colony in Levka, apart from small falcons it is also home to various other birds – Common Kestrels, Little Owls, sparrows….