In the footsteps of the Lesser Kestrels in Bulgaria and Greece

Jun 17, 2022
At the end of last week, representatives of various national and regional media visited the habitats of the Lesser Kestrels in Sakar - Bulgaria and Greece.

In the framework of the initiative "Natura 2000 in the border areas of Bulgaria and Greece - key habitats for the Lesser Kestrel", part of the Green Balkans' "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project, funded by the EU LIFE program, journalists, reflecting the work of our team the most, they got acquainted with the life of the Lesser Kestrel. We used the moment to look at the way of life and the culture of the local communities we visited, as an invariable link in the overall preconditions for the existence of the species.

Our first stop was Svilengrad, where representatives of the local history museum and personally the mayor of the city introduced the guests to its rich history and culture. We visited the Art Gallery and the Maritsa Bridge and learned more about the history of these unique emblems of the city.

The next day we were in the village of Levka, where the Green Balkans' team for the first time in decades restored the Lesser Kestrel as a breeding species in Bulgaria. Our guests had the opportunity to observe the ringing of young birds hatched at the Rescue Center and the Sofia Zoo, as well as the first stage of their release through an adaptation aviary.

In the following days we visited various natural and cultural attractions in Greece - Maritza Delta Park, Dadia National Park, and in addition to the rich nature of the region, we enjoyed the famous hospitality of our southern neighbour.