Investigating farmer’s views and attitudes regarding the conservation of the lesser kestrel

Dec. 06, 2021
In the context of the preparatory action of the project "Development of a Good Practices Guide for farmers", members of the University of Thessaly team conducted a survey with questionnaires in the Evros region in order to investigate the views and attitudes of farmers and local communities regarding the protection and conservation of the lesser kestrel.

The interviews focused on residents of settlements located in or around the following Natura 2000 sites: Parapotamio Dasos Voreiou Evrou kai Arda (GR1110008),  Koilada Erythropotamou: Asvestades, Koufovouno, Vrysika (GR1110011), Dasos Dadias-Soufli (GR1110002) και Delta Evrou (GR1110006).

Overall, questionnaire responses were recorded from more than 50 farmers.