LIFE for Lesser Kestrel meets with LIFE FALKON

Apr. 14, 2021
The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, the University of Thessaly and the Hellenic Ornithological Society met online, in order to discuss about their common objective which is the improvement of the conservation status of Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni). In total, 8 representatives from the three institutions joined the vivid discussion about each project’s activities, which set the ground for further collaboration in the future.

The LIFE for Lesser Kestrel LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project, coordinated by the Green Balkans, aims to improve the conservation status of the Lesser Kestrel in Bulgaria and Greece, as well as in South East Balkans. The LIFE FALKON project, coordinated by CNR-IRSA National Research Council – Water Research Institute, targets the central-eastern European population of the same species, by improving the conservation status of Italian and Greek populations. Both projects have specific target sites in Greece, but even though they are different from each other, the activities run by each project will allow the Lesser Kestrel colonies to strengthen.

The LIFE FALKON project initiated their works in 2018, while the LIFE for Lesser Kestrel started in 2019. This 1-year difference gives us the opportunity to gain knowledge from the experiences of the Hellenic Ornithological Society, while at the same time, the common goal allows us to set an alliance for the future activities all three institutions will undertake. Together, we are growing stronger !