"Lesser kestrels - did you know that?" - April!

Apr. 08, 2024
We continue the campaign for the curious people - "Lesser kestrel, did you know that...?", which we started in 2024, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the return of the Lesser kestrel in Bulgaria. Driven by our desire to tell you more about the amazing life of these birds in the colonies restored by Green Balkans, we have summarized a few facts about the biology and ecology of the rare falcons!

It's April! Lesser kestrels, did you know that:
  • During this month the kestrels form their families, occupy the nests and the females lay the eggs;
  • Most often, the male bird chooses where the "family home" is and persistently invites the lady of his heart there;
  • Lesser kestrels are not faithful spouses - very often birds in pairs change every year;
  • Usually the birds in the formed pair stay together until the end of the breeding season;
  • In very rare cases, a change of partners can be observed, or even more rarely, the participation of a third bird in the "traditional" kestrel family;
  • Usually the female lays about 4 or 5 eggs, and sometimes their number can reach 6;
  • Intensive incubation of the eggs begins only after the last of them has been laid;
  • Both parents participate in this process, with the change of partners and the duration of incubation being different for individual couples;
  • For about a month, parents rarely leave their precious eggs unattended.

How and when the little kestrels hatch from the eggs, we will find out after a month of patience....