"Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project marked the day of the birds at the Center for nature protection activities in the Sakar village Levka

Apr. 01, 2022
On Bird Day - April 1, the Center for Conservation Activities in the Sakar village of Levka was filled with dozens of children.

The children from Hristo Botev Primary School from the village were our guests.

From the project team, they learned more about the Lesser Kestrel, their way of life, how useful these little falcons are for people and how we should protect them.

In the visitors' hall of the Center, our guests had the opportunity to watch live the Lesser kestrels returning from the south, see the dioramas specially made for the project and ask their questions to our team.

We thank the Lions Club Svilena Svilengrad, who also chose to celebrate the holiday with us.