Natura 2000 Day in Belozem

Mai 17, 2022
The festival has been held since 2005 when the German EURONATUR Foundation declared Belozem the European White Stork Village. The main goal of the event is to promote the idea of the possible harmonious coexistence of people with wildlife and to attract more tourists to this picturesque region.

The guests of the festival had the opportunity to observe 22 stork nests located on the roof of Geo Milev Primary School in the White Stork Park with the help of a spyglass. We introduced them to the importance of the European ecological network Natura 2000, which has a birthday this year and turns 30 years old. With the help of interactive puzzles, they found out more about the terns, vultures, Lesser Kestrels, bats, cetaceans in Bulgaria, the Saker Falcon, and many other protected bird species protected by the Natura 2000 network.
Official guests of the event were Prof. Valeria Fol and the Mayor of Rakovski Municipality.

The following projects took part in Green Balkans' activities: