On the eve of March 3, the national tricolor rose above the village of Levka in Sakar

Mar 01, 2024
The national symbol was raised above the Stone Peak (Tash tepe) – the highest peak in the area of ​​the Sakar village of Levka, and is visible from kilometers in all directions.
The initiative of rising the tricolor in this place was taken a few years ago by the late Kolyu Manev – local resident and patriot, and continues to this day thanks to the support of the locals, and the environmental organizations Green Balkans and Society “Nature Park Sakar”.
Literally at the foot of the peak is located the Centre for Environmental Activities of Green Balkans for the conservation of rare birds of the Lesser Kestrels species. The Stone Peak with the flag is one of the favorite places of the hovering Lesser Kestrels in the area.
Like, you might already know, the activities in the area vary. They are aimed at preserving and promoting the rich biological diversity and historical of Sakar Mountain. Quite recently, for example, we launched a project, part of the International Initiative – BESTbelt coordinated by the German EuroNatur Foundation with the financial support of the European Union. Its purpose is the conservation, support and research of rare and protected bird species – the Lesser Kestrel and the Imperial Eagle in the borders of Bulgaria and Turkiye, and Sakar in particular (part of the former “Iron Curtain”, and today the European Green Belt Initiative).