On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology of Agricultural University Plovdiv, Green Balkans received a certificate of appreciation and a plaque

Mai 16, 2023
The Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology solemnly celebrated its 40th anniversary at a special ceremony on 12.05, which took place in the University Hall.

The celebratory event brought together former and current teachers and alumni, partners from scientific, educational and government institutions and agribusiness. A series of ceremonial speeches and greetings were given by the current leadership of both the university and the faculty.

Former professors, managers and officials of the higher education institution, including ministers in various governments of Bulgaria, shared their memories and excitement.
Ceremonial speeches were also given by former students and doctoral students of the faculty, who have successfully realized themselves in their field of work. A book of the faculty, published on the occasion of the anniversary, was also presented, in which the contribution of several of its graduates, members of the Green Balkans, was reflected.

As a sign of gratitude and appreciation for their work and support over the years, badges of honour were presented to special guests from the teaching team, business and NGO partners, and scientific and government institutions.

A certificate of appreciation and a plaque were also handed over to Green Balkans personally by the dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr Vili Harizanova.

Among the scientific and educational institutions, the Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology of the Agricultural University Plovdiv is one of the key partners of Green Balkans. The two organizations are partners in various areas, including - work on international and national scientific research projects, joint development of doctoral theses, theses and course projects, conducting field and training activities, student practices and other outside classroom employment.

An important place in these partnerships is also occupied by the project "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 implemented by Green Balkans with the support of the LIFE Program of the European Union. As part of the specialized activity of the project - "Nature" Academy, students from various specialities are regularly involved in the activities of Green Balkans, such as fieldwork, participation in conferences, seminars and workshops, etc.