Project “Life for Lesser Kestrel” – part of The Science Festival, Plovdiv 2023

Nov. 13, 2023
From November 23 to 26 at the Center for Systematic Plant Biology and Biotechnology, in Plovdiv, will be held a Science Festival.
The focus of the event is presenting the lates technology in the world of science and the newest discoveries in the most understandable way possible. Residents and guests of the city and guests of the festival, from all ages they will surely find a suitable topic among more than 100 events in four days. The topics will be presented live by scientists, technologists and communicators from the country, as well as by our special guests from Spain, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.
As part of our partnership with the Agricultural University – Plovdiv, we, the team of Green Balkans, in the face of project “Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017, funded by Programme LIFE of the EU, will also be part of the presenters.
We will talk about radio transmitters, antennas, receivers, satellite transmitters, which by default we link to telecommunications and satellite TV. They, however, are valuable tools in the hands of the ornithologists – scientists, bird researchers, which use them to tag, track and study the ecology of rare and protected bird species, like the Lesser Kestrel, the Imperial Eagle, the Stork and other birds. During our presentation the audience will find out, how exactly, is done and what are the results from the studies.