See you again Lesser kestrels

Sep. 26, 2022
The onset of autumn and the end of summer is a particularly exciting period for the Green Balkans team and the "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team, implemented with the support of the LIFE Program of the European Union.

After the hot summer days and the tireless care taken by environmentalists for the protection of the Lesser kestrels' colony in the village of Levka in Sakar, the moment comes when people and birds say to each other - "See you soon"...

Throughout the gruelling summer, people and birds shared the same roof, and the members of the organization worked tirelessly to ensure safe and comfortable conditions for the rare birds - feeding them with suitable food, securing the nests, regular monitoring, cleaning and maintaining agricultural lands, hunting grounds for kestrels… And, these are only a small part of the team's activities aimed at the well-being of the Lesser kestrels.

In recent days, although in smaller numbers, the falcons continue to fly over their colony and visit their recent homes - the artificial nests specially installed by the project to support the nesting of the rare birds.

As if to seal the memory of the "home" nest, or else filled with nostalgia, the graceful falcons do not yet dare to embark on their epic journey to the wintering grounds in Africa. The swift morning flights and noisy flocks of kestrels cause quite a bit of excitement among the members of Green Balkans, and they, like the birds, do not seem to want to accept the separation...

But this is inevitable….! Even the most home-bound birds will soon leave for their autumn migration... to return here in the spring again - in the safe and comfortable nesting places prepared by the Green Balkans team.