Students majoring in Animal Engineering from the Agricultural University, Plovdiv - on training at the Rescue Center

Dec. 04, 2023
At the end of November, first-year students from the Agricultural University, Plovdiv, were guests at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center.

Within one day, under the guidance of their professors from the Department of "Agroecology and Environmental Protection", they conducted their training with us. They got acquainted with the work of the Rescue Center, taking a closer look at the premises, the conditions of keeping and the care that is given to the wild animals living in it.

A highlight of their visit was our work on the return of extinct species, including the Lesser kestrel.

The students paid special attention to the aviary where the small falcons are raised, examining in detail the premises, the nesting platforms, the approaches to feeding, the video surveillance and the premises for the service of the birds.

Of course, we told the future animal engineers about Green Balkans' activities in the field, as well as our work with volunteers, inviting them to join the Green Balkans project LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 "Life for the Lesser Kestrel" funded from the LIFE program of the EU - "Nature Academy".