Ten more new artificial nests for Lesser kestrels in the colony of the species in the Sakar village of Levka

Apr. 03, 2023
Ten new nesting platforms await their inhabitants, the kestrels, in the area of the colony of the species in the village of Levka in Sakar.

They are an "improved model" of the nesting boxes that currently house Lesser kestrel families in the area.

They were made not without the guidance of our colleague Styliana Yaneva, whose dissertation is aimed precisely at the artificial nests used for Lesser kestrels in our country.

The new future homes of the birds are designed to prevent attack by predators and competing species as much as possible, to maintain optimal temperature and ventilation in the nest chambers, and to provide insulation from moisture.

All 10 nests were made free of charge by the niche friends from "Hiltop EOOD" - Yambol, who, together with the team and volunteers of the project "Life for Lesser kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017, implemented by Green Balkans, with the financial support of the LIFE program of the EU, also helped with their installation in the Levka region.

We were very happy when, the very next day after they were placed, part of the new nests were occupied by their future inhabitants - the Lesser kestrels!