The Green Balkans "Life for Lesser Kestrel" project was a guest of RHM Burgas, at the opening of an exhibition with models of various Black Sea inhabitants

Aug. 18, 2022
A few days ago, an exhibition was opened in RHM Burgas, showing some of the most attractive inhabitants of the Black Sea in their natural size and colours - jellyfish, stingrays, black scorpionfish, turbot, dolphins and others.

The opening of the exhibition, initiated by the "Environmental awareness and behaviour to stop pollution in important wetlands of the Black Sea Basin" BSB142 BioLearn project implemented by Green Balkans, was also attended by the organization's "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team funded by the EU LIFE programme.

With models of Lesser kestrels in hand, we told the participants of the opening about the Lesser kestrel, how useful it is for people, and last but not least, we pointed out the fact that one of the only three known colonies of the species in our country is located near Burgas.

The exhibition can be viewed in the hall of the Natural Science Exhibition at 30 K. Fotinov Street until the end of the summer.