The Lesser Kestrel - guest of the fourth graders from Svilengrad Secondary School 'Dr. Petar Beron'

Oct. 07, 2021
Today, the children from the fourth grade of the Svilengrad Secondary School 'Dr Petar Beron' got acquainted with the Lesser Kestrel.

The meeting was held indirectly, through the team of Green Balkans within the 'Life for Lesser Kestrel' LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project, as the Lesser kestrels have long been in their winter quarters in Africa!
In addition to being migrants, the children learned about the Lesser kestrels, that they are useful, that they like to live in large groups, that they prefer the closeness of people and many other interesting things about these small but very important birds.

We talked about the reasons for their disappearance - all of them leading to human activity, and about our efforts to return the Lesser kestrels to our country.

During the presentation, the children also learned that the first colony of kestrels returned to the nature of Bulgaria is located in the Svilengrad village of Levka, where the birds live and raise their young to this day.

And finally, as a souvenir, each child received a T-shirt with the project logo, the face of a Lesser kestrel and the opportunity to colour it at will. We got really, great, colourful and very original T-shirts, which will remain as a memory of the children for this emotional meeting, a photo we took with the background of painted with the face of a Lesser kestrel facade of the school gym.

We thank the teachers and the school management for their cooperation.