The Lesser Kestrel's breeding season has started in our country!

Apr. 21, 2022
We already have the first Lesser Kestrels laid eggs for 2022! This was announced by the Green Balkans's experts, part of the "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project.

The eggs appeared almost simultaneously in the Green Balkans Rescue Centre aviaries and the colony of the species in the Sakar village of Levka. However, this year we observed the tradition and the birds in the Center, again, were ahead of their "wild" brothers in Levka by day or two. They also hold the championship in numbers, so far there are three pairs and five eggs, and in Levka - one egg from one pair.
All these bird families are adults and have experience in hatching and raising young.

And how did we find out all this?

Well, with the help of CCTV cameras that we have placed in the artificial nesting platforms of the birds.

And so, the breeding season of Lesser Kestrel in Bulgaria has begun. We hope that this year we will have very healthy and strong little ones and we promise to inform you about every more interesting event around them!