The Lesser Kestrel's colony in Levka 'came to life' again

Sep. 16, 2021
These days, the Lesser Kestrel's colony in the Sakar village of Levka 'came to life' again, after the nearly one-month absence of its inhabitants!

This was announced by our team, which counted more than 10 Lesser Kestrels, mostly males, returned to the colony, which they left in mid-August.

Interestingly, one of the male birds lives again in the same nest in which he successfully raised his generation this summer. This became clear by the ring placed by our team in the release of the kestrel in nature. The other interesting thing is that the birds show behavior similar to that during the breeding period - they come in and out of the nests, they make the same sounds with which they attract their future partners ...!

An event of this nature does not occur for the first time in the colony. The  'Life for Lesser Kestrel' LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team has registered similar behavior in the last few years.

In any case, the birds will fly south this winter as the conditions here become harsher and, perhaps, this is their last "goodbye" to the colony that sheltered them in the last few months of their lives and in which they raised their generation.