The Lesser Kestrels at the Green Balkans' Rescue Center are ready for the upcoming breeding season!

Feb. 11, 2022
During the winter, we, from the Green Balkans' Rescue Center, are already thinking about the upcoming warm days and the breeding season of the birds inhabiting our aviaries.

These days it was our Lesser Kestrels turn. They underwent a thorough preventive examination, deworming and trimming of beaks and nails before they start to form families and reproduce.

It took the whole day for the "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team and the other employees of the Center to deal with the 48 birds. And while the veterinarians and their assistants dealt with the kestrels, the caretakers and the rest of the team worked on the aviaries. All perches were fixed, the sand in all the nests was replaced, surfaces and the floor were cleaned and dewormed.

So, the Lesser Kestrels at the Center are ready for the breeding season. We hope to have many hatchlings this year to release into the wild as part of our species support activities. We remind you that the species was returned to the skies of Bulgaria, thanks to the efforts of the Green Balkans team!