The Lesser Kestrels at the Green Balkans' Rescue Center have a new home!

Jan. 18, 2022
A brand new aviary and a manipulation room for breeding kestrels were built at the Green Balkans' Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center.

The facility was built as part of the ''Life for Lesser Kestrel'' LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project with the support of the British-Bulgarian Society and the BCause Foundation, and will house birds hatched at the Center or donated for the project from other places. The experts from the Center and the Green Balkans team have developed a completely new design of the cage, which is applied for the first time in our country in the breeding of the species in artificial conditions. The aim is to provide optimal living conditions for the birds in a kind of colony, facilitated maintenance and cleaning of the structures, long-term functioning and use of the cage, as well as trouble-free observation of the birds without disturbing them.

And the small manipulation room, built next to the aviary and connected to it by a corridor, will help for faster and safer inspection, marking and deworming of the birds during the manipulations performed by the Center's team.