The "Life for Lesser Kestrel" project is a guest at the second edition of the Transboundary Forum Terra Madre, hosted by Belasitsa Nature Park

Sep. 09, 2022
At the end of August, the "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project, implemented by the Green Balkans with the financial support of the EU LIFE program, was the guest of the second edition of the transboundary forum Terra Madre in Belasica.

To the guests and organizers of the event, in addition to the activities of the Green Balkans to restore the Lesser kestrel in our country, we also presented the exhibits of the "Living Exhibition". Comprised of models of protected and endangered species, such as the Imperial eagle, the Lesser kestrel, the Black vulture, the Red-breasted goose and others, the animated exhibition presents the rich animal world of the territories of Bulgaria, part of the European Green Belt.

During the scientific conference "Local Communities and Protected Areas", part of the forum, experts from natural and national parks, scientific institutions, forestry, representatives of other NGOs and local communities presented various projects and initiatives. Some of the more interesting presentations were from the Bulgarian consortium in the European LifeWatch network, presented by participants from the Agrarian University Plovdiv, in which the Green Balkans consortium also participates and the environmental research network LTSER.