The “Life for lesser Kestrel” LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 team from Green Balkans invites all Farmers and Agrarians to participate in the initiative “Green Farmer

Mar 17, 2022
It is a part of the project’s goals to find friends of the wild animals within the wider specter of society.

Farmers and Agrarians are an important group from which it mainly depends the preservation of Nature, and this includes the still rare to Bulgaria species of Lesser Kestrel. Many of them use in their work different agro-ecological protocols and thus mainly contribute to the preservation of different endangered species of plants and animals!

This is why we want to find such farmers! You only need to fill out the form! And the deadline is 31st of March!

This is how our team will choose five from the greenest farmers and will give a prize at a special  ceremony!

We plan for this initiative to be annual and in the framework of the project and at its end between all finalists we will choose the greenest and they will receive our special award - a visit to the International Farmer’s fair!