The Living Exhibition of Green Balkans is visiting the Information Centre of the Architectural Tourist Complex "Old Karlovo" - "Patevata Maaza"

Mai 18, 2023
The deputy mayor of municipality of Karlovo Mr. Minev officially will open the event on May 23rd (Tuesday) at 11 am in the Information Center! The guests and residents of Karlovo will be able to visit the exhibition until the end of June this year.
The Living Exhibition presents models – true to scale and color of rare and protected species of birds, which are found within the scope of various territories of NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria, as well as in the European Green Belt along the border regions of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkiye.
Visitors of the exhibition have the opportunity to get to know the Lesser Kestrel, the Imperia Eagle, the Cinereous Vulture, the Red-Breasted Goose and the Sandwich Tern. The models of the rare birds are made from artificial materials - resins, varnishes and paints, by Bulgarian artists, following modern trends in the art of depicting rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. In the making of the sculptures there were not used any body parts of actual specimens, as it happens in traditional taxidermy preparation techniques.
At the same time the models present in an exceptional realistic manner the characteristics of the birds subject of the exhibition, and offer an opportunity to the guests to get to know from up close these representatives of the bird world. The information board tells you about curious features of rare birds and their habitats. During the opening of the event, the project team of “Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 implemented by Green Balkans and funded by Programme LIFE of the EU, will share with the participants details the life of the protected species - subject of the exhibition, as well as details about the NATURA 2000 network and the European Green Belt international initiative.
The Municipality Karlovo encompaeses some of the most significant territories of NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria, protected by the EU Habitats Directive and Birds Directive. These are Protected Areas (PA) “Sredna Gora” (BG0002054 and BG0001389), Central Balkan National Park (BG0000494 and BG0000494) and “Central Balkan – buffer” SPA(BG0001493 and BG0002128). Especially interesting is the territory of PA “Sredna Gora”, which as if literally, falls under the shadow of the Balkans mountains. More often the community’s attention is directed towards the Central Balkan National Park, however, Sredna Gora is also a home to a number of iconic species and habitats. Here rare species of birds can be observed, like Lesser Kestrels and Imperial Eagles, which are also the subject of the Living Exhibition.