The children from the village of Levka were visiting the Lesser Kestrels

Nov. 24, 2023
The children from the school from the village of Levka visited the Centre for Environmental Protection activities of a project “Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017. The Centre is part of the activities of the project, led by Green Balkans and funded by Programme LIFE of the EU.
During their visit the young environmentalists from 1st Centre for Distance Education and 2nd CDE of PS “Hristo Botev” got acquainted with the activities of Green Balkans on the return of the Lesser Kestrel to Bulgaria’s nature.
We told them about our work on the breeding, rearing and releasing of the birds, as well as the activities on the field searching for wild colonies of the small falcon. The most interesting news for our young environmentalists was that from all over Bulgaria, precisely in their village, Levka, the species had returned for the first time after decades of absence in our nature.
After the presentation in the hall of the Centre, the guests also looked at the facilities and the artificial nests, on the outside of the building, placed as homes for the birds.
Our team aways enjoys the opportunity to pass on its knowledge to the young people. But, in this endeavor, teachers have the leading role. We thank the teachers of our young visitors for the desire and initiative with which they work for the environmental education of their students!