The conservation idea on the stage of Uzana Polyana Fest 2021

Jul 28, 2021
The geographical center of Bulgaria - Uzana again became the center of ecological ideas and conservation causes.

Green Balkans had the opportunity to meet the wide public, which filled the open-grass fields of Uzana, with its conservation activities for rare and endangered species of the Bulgarian fauna, as well as their valuable habitats, part of which are in the Natura 2000. The current projects of the organization were presented and some of the more significant results from the past activities.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre made the atmosphere full with live and joy thanks to the part of the birds, raised in the Visitor corner which are already used to the human presence and now are an integral part of our educational activities. Besides that we chose the picturesque mountain area for the place where 5 young Common Kestrels, rescued from the wild nature since they were baby chicks, made their first flight of freedom.

Due to the festival visitors’ curiosity and interest to our activities, they received leaflets, stickers, posters, children books, board games, badges and tons of other information materials. Two puzzles were at the disposal of the children with facts about vultures and the children, who managed successfully to complete the challenge, received a prize and took a picture with the realistic models of the Black and the Griffon Vulture (these models are with the same size as the birds in the wild nature). A great interest for the children was the model of the Red-breasted Goose, thanks to it we told a little more about for this precious and rare species, flying near 8000 km in order to reach its winter nests.

We would like to thank Gabrovo municipality for the opportunity to be part of Uzana Polyana Fest 2021.