The first egg for 2023 has appeared in the Lesser Kestrel colony at the Green Balkans Rescue Centre!

Apr. 06, 2023
The good news came today from the team of project "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 of Green Balkans, funded by the EU LIFE programme.

In the aviaries of the Lesser Kestrels at the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre of Green Balkans, the first egg for this year came about!

An interesting fact is that the female of the pair is a bird donated by the Czech zoo Hodonin. It was hatched in 2021, and a year later, it became part of the breeding group of Lesser Kestrels in our Centre.

We remind you that the purpose of rearing and breeding Lesser Kestrels in captivity is done with the objective to create safe conditions in which the birds can raise their young, which are subsequently released into nature. This is how we from Green Balkans support their return to our nature and aid their still fragile population in our country.

We thank the Hodonin Zoo, as well as their colleagues from Prague Zoo and Pilsen Zoo, who have been supporting the work of Green Balkans for the recovery and reinforcement of the Lesser Kestrel population in Bulgaria for several years now, donating young birds which had hatched in their zoos!