The first "wild" Lesser Kestrels in the nature hatched!

Mai 25, 2022
Days after we shared with you the wonderful news that the first Lesser Kestrels hatched in the aviaries of the Green Balkans Rescue Center, we are happy to tell you that in the "wild" colony of the species in the Sakar village Levka, small ones also appeared!

There are a total of three couples for whom our team has information that currently have babies. We managed to establish this thanks to the video surveillance cameras located in some of the artificial platforms installed by the "Life for the Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team on the facade of the building of the Center for Environmental Protection in Levka.

We continue to follow with interest the life of the Lesser Kestrel and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this year we can boast of very healthy and strong youngs, raised in nature!