The good example!

Jun 30, 2023
We will tell you about a gesture, which is worthy to be an example! A gesture of kindness, which we hope will infect a lot of people on its way!

It’s about a group of young girls and boysfrom Knyaz Simeon Turnovski High School of Economics in Stara Zagora.
Let’s first start from the fact that only since the beginning of the year, students from this prestigious school rescued more than five distressed animals – birds and hedgehogs. Some of them the kids brought to us in the Rescue Centre, and some – the team went to take on the spot.

Maybe  as was a result of this, an idea developed to make a donation campaign among all high school students. Of the dozen activities of the Rescue Centre, the kids and their teacher Vladimir Iliev, who stays firmly behind their initiative, decided to donate the gathered funds for our work on the Lesser Kestrel.

That's why today, the project team of “Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 visited the school. With us was also the Common Kestrel Vladko. We told the children about our work and about the project, we helped them to take a picture with Vladko as a memory, and they, in turn, handed us the donation they had collected!
We thank with all our heart for the positivism with which the students and teachers from High School of Economics - Stara Zagora charged us. We sincerely believe that this is the first of many future joint initiatives!