The inspection of all artificial nests of Lesser Kestrels in the area of ​​the Svilengrad village of Levka is completed

Mai 23, 2022
On the 21th of May, the day of Natura 2000 and the 30th anniversary of the European Union's LIFE program, the "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 team celebrated its work in the field.

Within one day, thanks to the help of our volunteers, we checked all 60 nests for Lesser Kestrels in the area of ​​the village of Levka, which is not only home to the first Lesser Kestrels' colony in Bulgaria in decades, is also part of Nature 2000 Sakar area.

Checks are made every breeding season in order to monitor the occupancy of nesting platforms and thus determine the effectiveness of the method.

Fortunately, most of the nests inspected were occupied, but unfortunately not all of them by the target species for our team - Lesser Kestrels.