The prestigious French-German TV channel ARTE with a documentary film about Sakar and the Green Belt in Bulgaria

Dec. 14, 2023
A special place in the documentary series is dedicated to the bulgarian association Green Balkans and its work for the conservation of rare species of birds in the Sakar mountain region, as part of the European Green Belt international initiative.

Very recently, ARTE - the European cultural channel, started broadcasting the series - "The Green Belt of Europe". In three episodes, the international channel presents the entire stretch of the Green Belt from Norway, through central Europe to the Balkans and the Black Sea coast.

In the third episode of the series a significant part is dedicated to the border territories of Bulgaria and Turkey in the Sakar Mountains and Strandzha Nature Park. Also presented is the work of Green Balkans for the Imperial eagle in Bulgaria, for the conservation of which the environmentalists are implementing activities as part of the BESTbelt project with the support of the European Union and the German EuroNatur foundation. The Balkan part of the European Green Belt is emblematic for the Initiative, as the places with the most preserved nature and a rich diversity of birds here. In this regard, environmentalists from Green Balkans are actively working for its promotion in partnership with various Bulgarian and international partners, as in Sakar for example, where the activities of Green Balkans are carried out under the project "Life for Lesser kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017.

The documentary series can be watched on ARTE's website in French and German.