Two Imperial eagles were released from the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre

Apr. 19, 2024
Photo by Georgi Stoyanov
Two juvenile birds of the Imperial еagle species, were released earlier this week by the team of Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre – Green Balkans.
Birds are hatched last year. They were rescued last year and underwent a course of rehabilitation and recovery in our aviaries. Their late release is based on a special methodology, which aims to protect juvenile birds from the first, and perhaps most dangerous, winter of their lives. Before being released, the eagles underwent a preventive examination and deworming by the Center's veterinarians.
The еagles are equipped with satellite transmitters, provided by project BESTbelt, implemented with the financial support of the European Union. So, their every "step" will be tracked by our team. And the equipping of the birds with transmitters was carried out by experts from Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna and Green Balkans, working on project “Bearded Vulture LIFE” (№101113869 LIFE22-NAT-BG-Bearded Vulture LIFE). The methodology provides maximum freedom of movement of the tracked birds and does not hinder their natural behaviour.
During the equipment with the transmitter, along with the students from the University of Thrace, interns with us, a representative of the "Digital Shepherd" project, initiated by the National Sheep and Goat Breeding Association in partnership with the University of Thrace - Stara Zagora, visited for the purpose of exchanging experience.
Guests at the event, which took place in the region of Sliven, were representatives of “Sinite Kamani” Naturе Park, the Southeastern State Company and the State Forestry – Sliven, and one of the saviours of the birds.
We remind you that the population of the Imperial eagles in Bulgaria is determined at no more than 40 pairs.