Visit of students from "Hristo Botev" Primary School in Levka village

Apr. 01, 2024
The students from the first and second groups of full-day education at the "Hristo Botev" elementary school, Levka village, visited the Release and Adaptation Module, where they learned more about the life of the Lesser kestrel. The event is within the framework of the "Life for the Lesser kestrel" project LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 of Green Balkans.

During their visit, the little ones viewed with interest at the nesting boxes, models of kestrels, which they then identified in the nature. Our team also showed the kids short films about how the birds hunt their food and how this helps farmers fight crop pests, the feeding process of the falcons and how they raise their young.

After the presentation, everyone went outside to watch the birds "breeze" in the nice sunny weather.

The curious asked a lot of questions, which our team was happy to answer.

On April 1, we also celebrate International Bird Day, and a day earlier, on March 31, Green Balkans presented the "Living Exhibition". The exhibition presents models in real size and coloring of rare and protected species that are found in the scope of the Green Belt on the territory of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. The event turned Sunday into a real celebration.