Volunteers for the Lesser Kestrel - from three continents!

Aug. 03, 2021
This summer, the Sakar village of Levka hosted volunteers from three continents to help the Lesser Kestrel.

The young people from France, Spain, the USA, Brazil, and the Netherlands helped the 'Life for Lesser Kestrel' LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team in its work on the return of the species to our country! They are all students, and their stay in Sakar is part of their internship.

We were pleasantly surprised by the readiness of the young people to get involved in the daily work of our team, part of which is not very attractive. But neither the preparation of the food, nor the obligatory sanitary and hygienic activities at the base, nor the care of the "pets", like the donkey Misha, dampened the enthusiasm of the young people.

For its part, our team tried to pass on much of their knowledge, and we have certainly contributed to their professional development!

In their few days off, the volunteers toured the area and got acquainted with its rich natural and cultural heritage, the people's way of life, and themselves. With this, their stay in Sakar and Bulgaria was covered with additional color and new, wonderful, emotions and impressions that will take home!