We celebrated The International Bird Day together with the Southern District of Plovdiv Municipality

Apr. 01, 2024
The mayor of the Southern Region Mr. Atanas Kunchev, his deputy Mrs. Petya Petkova, as well as the deputy for “Ecology and Health” of Plovdiv Municipality - Mr. Ivan Stoyanov, were among the official attendees of the event, not only as hosts, but also as initiators of the celebration.
The International bird day is traditionally celebrated on April the 1st, as one of the first dates in the conservation calendar. Back in 1906 year in France under the Convention on the Conservation of Rare Birds was decided to be celebrated on this date, as part of the efforts to promote and conserve the birds. NGO Green Balkans points out that although in urban settings, a number of protected bird species can be found in Plovdiv. Except the water-loving species in the Maritsa River, in city parks and inter-block spaces can be observed diverse representatives of the bird world. The Long-eared owl, the Scops owl, the Woodpecker, Songbirds and even Larus, as well as many other species coexist with humans in the city below the Hills. In the ancient city and its surroundings are registered more than half of a total of over 410 species of birds found in Bulgaria.
In this regard, on March 31st, although a day earlier, to use the convenience of the day off, the team from Green Balkans together with the administration of South District of Plovdiv Municipality, organized a kind of bird festival in the “Belite Brezi” park. More than 300 children participated in the event, their parents and relatives, as well as guests of the city. For the small “Ornithologists”, various of educational and informational activities were organized dedicated to the feathered inhabitants of our nature. Cardboard figures of birds, badges, drawings with chalk, observation of birds in the park with special visual devices and many other interesting activities, which were prepared by the organizers of the event. An amazing attraction for the participants was the Falcon Harry, which on of the patients of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre - Green Balkans.
Harry and a few more birds from the Center have a special mission. They are trained to appear at public places and to “tell” the people of the fate of the birds that suffered from a thoughtless human activity. Although it is a species atypical for our country, the Harris's hawk (this is the naming of the species to which Harry belongs to), he captivated the attention of the participants. And last but not least, the organizers of the event, presented the “Living Exhibition”, that includes live-size models of different world known endangered birds, which can be observed in different parts of Bulgaria. The Lesser Kestrel was also presented as part of the Exhibition, until the middle of the last century, the bird nested on the hills of Plovdiv. Species, to which are directed the activities of project “Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017, implemented by Green Balkans with the support of Programme LIFE of the EU.
During the event were also presented the activities of Green Balkans in the European Research Infrastructure Consortium – “LifeWatch ERIC”, which are implemented in partnership with the Agriculture University – Plovdiv and other scientific research institutions in Bulgaria.
Pictures©: Georgi Stoyanov, Green Balkans
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