We conducted first aid training for distressed wild Lesser kestrels

Sep. 14, 2021
The 'Life for Lesser Kestrel' LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team was a guest of the 'Pomorie Lake 2021' Conservation Brigade, organized within the LIFE19 NAT/BG/000804 project.

During the first part of our visit, we introduced the brigade participants to the Lesser kestrel and the activities that Green Balkans are carrying out for years for its return to Bulgaria.

Our second presentation was a little more practical and during it, we talked about how each of us can help Lesser kestrels in trouble. Experts from the Green Balkans Rescue Centre shared with the curious participants in the training their many years of experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of endangered wild animals and the cases of Lesser kestrels admitted at the Centre. After the theoretical part, there was a short practical one, demonstrating the methods of the initial examination, dressing of wounds, and first, pre-medical aid of a wild animal, and the participants had the opportunity to ask their questions to the specialists, as well as to practice what they learned.