We have prepared the artificial nests in Sakar, the future home of the Lesser Kestrels!

Mar 24, 2021
At the end of last week, the students from the Trakia University, participants in the 'Student Internships - Phase 2' project of the Ministry of Education and Science, funded by the Operational Program 'Science and Education for Smart Growth', co-financed by the European Social Fund helped the 'Life for the Lesser Kestrel' LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project team in the field activities!

But this time they were not alone! The group also included veterinary students from Portugal and Italy, also on an internship at the Rescue Centre!
The young people, future veterinary specialists, took part in the cleaning, disinfection, and general inspection of about 100 nests for Lesser Kestrels, located by the project team in the area of ​​the Sakar village of Levka.

The task was not easy, as the nests were placed in several places around the village and its outskirts, and at a high level. In addition to being inspected and cleaned, to some of the future homes of the Lesser Kestrels, the gravel covering the bottom was replaced.

Yes, the work was hard, but it did not scare our young assistants! On the contrary, at the end of the day, after all the work was done, they had the strength to visit one of the local farms, where the Rescue Centre's veterinarians and their mentors showed them the methods of fixation, medical history, and initial examination of the patient.