We invite you to the XVII White Stork Festival in the village of Belozem!

Mai 05, 2023
On May 13, the seventeenth White Stork Festival will be in Belozem.

The event will open at 10:00 a.m. in the White Stork Park in the village. The organizers are the People's Community Center "Prosveta 1909", Rakovski Municipality, Belozem Village Hall, Green Balkans and "Geo Milev" Primary School - Belozem Village, and the festival is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

It has a long tradition dating back to 2005, when the village was declared by EuroNatur as the European White Stork Village in Bulgaria, at the suggestion of Green Balkans.

During this year's festival, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy performances by the festival's many participants, visit booths for knitting, souvenirs and products from local producers in the White Stork Park, learn about the creation of a California worm farm and organic herb garden in the school yard, to take a look at the children's diary about the 20 stork families who chose the roof of the school in Belozem as their home, to see the ethnographic collection, to take a souvenir photo with a "Belozem stork family", to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the wetlands and stork habitats in the vicinity of the village. In the Information Center of the White Stork, there will be a talk about the potential ecosystem services provided by the White Stork in the Belozem region, organized jointly with the Agrarian University of Plovdiv and NP "YOUNG SCIENTISTS AND POSTDOCTORAL STUDENTS - 2"

Last but not least, festival visitors can learn about Green Balkans' "Living Exhibition" and "Voice of Wounded Wildlife" initiative, with a focus on our work on the return of extinct species and our project activities, such as "Life for Lesser Kestrel " LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017, "Life for Falcon" and "Natura 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons", funded by the LIFE Program of the EU.

During the festival, an exhibition with the awarded drawings of the participants in the International Children's Drawing Competition on the theme "The Life of a Stork", which is organized for the sixth year in a row by the school, together with the Rakovski municipality, the "Geo Milev" Primary School, Belozem City Hall, "Prosveta 1909" Community Centre and Green Balkans.

Welcome. We will be there waiting for you!