We presented the 'European Green Belt' Day 2021 during the 'Pomorie Lake 2021' Conservation Brigade

Sep. 15, 2021
The event was a guest of the 'Pomorie Lake 2021' Conservation Brigade, whose participants listened with curiosity to the presentations and got acquainted with the 'European Green Belt' initiative.

The presenters in the event were representatives from Bulgaria on behalf of Green Balkans, and Turkey, in the person of our partners from the Association of Back to Nature Youth and Sport Club. They presented studies and activities related to the protection of the rich biodiversity of the territories included in the 'European Green Belt'. The activities of our partners for the protection of the Imperial Eagle in the border areas of the neighboring country were presented in detail.

We paid special attention to the Lesser Kestrel - a species that, thanks to the efforts of Green Balkans, we managed to return to nature after decades of absence and for the protection of which we continue to work today.

The second day of the conference was in the field, and the participants in the activity had the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich biological diversity of Lake Pomorie, as well as to discuss the threats to it and how they can be overcome!

European Green Belt - It was established that in the border areas of several countries falling on both sides of the so-called 'Iron Curtain' from the recent past, there are huge areas with preserved nature and biodiversity. Due to limited access to these areas, strict controls, and often the geographical isolation of border areas, they have preserved key habitats, rare and protected species, and unique landscapes. These areas are united in the European Green Belt initiative. It forms a 12,500 km long pan-European ecological corridor along the former 'Iron Curtain' from the Barents Sea to the north, to the Adriatic and Black Seas in southeastern Europe.