The Lesser Kestrel in the campaign “The Giving Tuesday”“ – this is the day when we donate and celebrate the charity!

Nov. 30, 2020
This year on 1st December it is “The Giving Tuesday” – a day when we celebrate the charity and via the campaign in favour of different causes!

We, from Green Balkans, will join to it with the initiative “Lesser Kestrel – the little falcon in aid of people!”

One to bring back an animal disappeared from nature, it is a historical event looking towards the future. This is an interesting but also a very responsible task. After more than five years the team and the volunteers from Green Balkans worked on the first one of its type a successful reintroduction of the species in the country, now WE NEED YOUR HELP in order to continue our deed – Bringing back the Lesser Kestrel. 

Why you should do it? Because it is good for our health, to fix together what it has been made from others before us, to make something useful for our future … the answers are a lot, you can choose:   

HERE you can choose how to get involved!

HERE you can learn more about the Lesser Kestrel and our work.

Thank you very much, giving people!